How To: Make Your Look Interesting

If you’re like me and hate wearing the same thing every single day, but simply can’t be restocking on the latest and greatest trends all the time, then this post is for you! Sometimes, all you need to do to make your look a little more fun is add the right accessories or pieces and just like that you have a whole new outfit. 

My fool-proof method to making this happen is ensuring you have a balance of basics and stand out items in your wardrobe, so when you do go to get dressed you can take your basic pieces and add something unique, or be like me and throw them all together…

For me at the moment, I am loving jumpsuits, layering, florals (for SPRING!), statement sunglasses and oversized woven bags. Throw them all together and this is what happens! I love clashing and contrasting items, and I don’t think anyone should be afraid to try it, especially when you’re trying to elevate your look from boring to chic. However, I can also tell you that these items have been getting serious air time alone, which makes them a justified item in my closet.

What items do you like throwing together?

Jumpsuit: Runway Scout 
Shirt: Zara









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