Hanoi Adventures

The main difference between Hanoi and where I sit right now (my backyard sipping coffee) would have to be the noise. While at first it was painful compared to the solitude that I am experiencing right now, it was something that crept over you and set in and soon enough it became second nature.

However, with the noise came the bustling streets, almost dying every time you crossed the road, and a 24/7 lifestyle that ensured no matter what time of day you set out on the streets, you would sure enough find a group of friends, or someone working away on their laptop at the nearest cafe (coffee is available in literally every where – and it’s also really good!!).

I definitely want to share my favourite places to visit and where to eat so I will post that soon! In the meantime, here was the rooftop from our little apartment in Hanoi which reminded us of Paris! It was super narrow with white washed brick walls, and this rooftop had the most incredible sunset views to top it all off.









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