NYC: Part 1

Over the past three weeks I have been travelling through America with a short stop in Mexico, visiting LA, New Orleans, Playa Del Carmen, New York and Chicago. However, I have to say that New York definitely earned it’s place at the very top of my list, and I am already planning a trip back hopefully next year.

After barely sleeping over the course of 6 days, I made my way through as many restaurants, roof top bars and tourist attractions as I possibly could. Although I was racing around, I tried to take copious amounts of photos, some of which I will share here in two seperate posts!

In the next post I will list my favourite places that I visited, as well as where I stayed and ate throughout the week.

America 3

America 10

America 1

America 13

America 9

America 8

America 4

America 6

America 2

America 12

America 11

America 15

America 7

America 14

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