Triple Denim

Denim on denim is making its way back from the 80’s and straight into our wardrobes, taking over street-style looks and editorials, enforcing that the trend is officially back ‘in’. However, there are definitely some tricks to pulling off the full denim look, as it can often feel and appear to be overwhelming if done wrong. 

Opt for the same shade

When styling denim, I find the best way is to mix similar shades of blue, otherwise it can look too dishevelled.

Incorporate neutral hues

Mixing tan, beige or brown into the mix will help to soften the look, and tone down the overall impact of denim.

Don’t be afraid to go triple denim

Like I have here, pair a denim jacket and jeans with a chambray shirt underneath for a full denim 80’s inspired look. It’s not for everyone, but adding a light shirt into the mix can actually help to tone down the outfit. See inspo below for more ideas!

Double Denim 6

Double Denim 4

Double Denim 7

Triple Denim 2

Double Denim 3




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