Accessorise This Winter

I am all about accessorising throughout the colder months, and I try to start layering and applying creativity to my Winter looks as soon as a slight chilly breeze hits. After all, I’ve been envying bloggers and celebrities on the other side of the world for the past Summer, and I have my Pinterest board ready to replicate all of their looks.

For this Winter, I am particularly loving felt hats to keep warm, and as the weather gets cooler and windier my glasses collection only continues to grow. To supplement my need for these accessories I am relying on Spencer Street Storeone of my newest favourite online stores that provide a solid selection of on-trend sunglasses and warm hats that will make the perfect addition to any wardrobe. What’s more is that their products are actually excellent quality despite the price tag, which is always an added bonus.

Follow Spencer Street Store on Instagram to keep up with their latest arrivals @spencerstreetstore

Spencer Street Store 1

Spencer Street Store 5

Spencer Street Store 6

Spencer Street Store


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