Unlikely Must-Haves

When it comes to wardrobe must-haves, I have started to think a little outside the box. Obviously you need your staples, such as white tees and jeans, but you also need those pieces to layer with and to add colour to an outfit. 

For layering, I am loving this Runway Scout vest, which you can find here. Perfect for layering over the simplest of outfits, a good vest will always add an element of sophistication and will complete a look.

A statement bag is also something I reach for when I feel that my outfit is a tad on the boring side. I recently came across this bag on ASOS on sale, and although it is detailed, the silver and black hues allows it to go with almost everything. You can find a similar bag here.

Finally, as the weather slowly cools down, I recalled last year having no “going out” boots, or Winter shoes to wear out to dinner and events. Luckily, I found these River Island patchwork boots which immediately reminded me of the similar Louis Vuitton boots. You can find my boots on sale here.

IMG_4091 copy

IMG_4046 copy

IMG_4052 copy

IMG_4016 copy

IMG_4027 copy

IMG_4034 copy

IMG_4061 copy

IMG_4028 copy

IMG_4056 copy

IMG_4034 copy

IMG_4047 copy


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