I will admit, I am totally loving this ‘mom’ jean trend and no doubt I will invest further into it this coming Autumn/Winter. There is something so European about throwing on a pair of heels or sandals with a pair of these typically 80’s style jeans. Although regarded as unflattering, hence earning the title of ‘mom’ jeans, I actually find them incredibly flattering and chic.

For my first purchase of this style, I headed to ASOS and bought these washed black pants with knee rips –  just to make them a little more youthful. If you, like me, just want to test out wearing this style of pants then I would definitely recommend purchasing a pair of these. They are still slim enough to give you some shape, while subtly falling in the ‘mom’ jeans category with their slightly loose fit, and you can find the jeans here. However, next time I will definitely be throwing myself in the deep end with some wider leg pants.

Asos Jeans Look 4Asos Look Jeans 8Asos Jeans Look 3Asos JeansMom JeanAsos Jeans Look 9Asos Look Jeans 7Asos Jeans Look 2


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