I love wearing simple outfits that are easy to wear, however, I’m not one to usually just wear black and white. Something about the combination scares me a little, and I think it’s because I’m scared of looking – for want of better words – dull and boring.

So, when I do opt for black and white, I always make sure to break it up and make the simple combination a little more interesting with different textures and layers. For this look, I wore the white Translation top from Keepsake which is slightly sheer, paired with this black Mishkah skirt, which has unfortunately sold out but they do have similar here. What makes the skirt more interesting is the sharper overlaying edges and tie at the hip, which paired with the detailed semi-sheer top, makes the whole combo a little more fun and wearable. Also, I wanted to provide the direct link to these shoes, because nobody can miss out! I have featured them on my Instagram but you can find them here.

For any questions about this look, please email me at theonlineissue@gmail.com

A Simple Combination 5A Simple Combination 3A Simple Combination 2.jpgA Simple Combination 8A Simple Combination 4A Simple Combination 8A Simple Combination 6A Simple Combination 9.pngA Simple Combination 7.jpgA Simple Combination 10


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