Drugstore Foundations and Cover Up’s

I always like to compile a few of my favourite products that I feel like have actually worked and share them here, take a little break from online clothes shopping for a moment! Unless I absolutely can’t get my beauty products in a drug store, then I will buy them from somewhere more high end. However, it is a uni student budget that I am currently on so I am going to share with you the best of what you can get on a budget, tried and tested! This time I am going to share my favourite powders, concealers and foundations, because I know how hard they are to buy, and there is nothing worse than buying a foundation product only to find that it’s the wrong colour or doesn’t work with your skin. So here you go…

Covergirl Tru Blend Foundation

Usually I do buy my foundations from MAC or Napoleon, however I decided to pick this beauty up when I was doing my last Priceline haul. You know the one where you think everything will be $50 but it turns out to be $150…

I was using a drugstore foundation before this one, I won’t name names, but I just found it wasn’t blending into my skin. When I used a brush it would leave brush lines and basically just wasn’t working. However, this foundation is excellent if you are looking for something a little extra than BB Cream for everyday wear. It gives my skin a light dewy look, and it blends perfectly. I got the creamy natural in 15, and it works best for when I am slightly tanned.

_MG_1921 copy

Revlon Colorstay Concealer 

I can’t really recommend the Revlon concealers enough. When I got tired of buying $40 pots of concealer I decided to try out the Revlon Photo Ready concealer and it was amazing. So it just depends on what you are looking for. If you are trying to conceal bags under your eyes and significant imperfections then I would opt for the photo ready, but if you are after something lighter with just enough coverage then I would buy the Colorstay concealer!

Natio Pressed Power 

This pressed powder deserves so much more credit than it receives! Tucked away in the makeup aisles of David Jones or Priceline, this product is very easy to miss amongst the glimmer and glitz of all those other pressed powders out there. It eliminates all shine and sets your makeup, yet it isn’t too heavy. It’s also perfect to use over BB Cream for a little extra coverage.

_MG_1918 copy

Australis AC Contour 

This product is excellent for beginners and those that are time poor (me). The palette comes with three separate bronzers and highlighters, and provides how-to instructions on the back, as well as a DIY tutorial on their website! For everyday I just like to contour my cheek bones and apply some light highlighting, but it also blends perfectly for a full night time contoured look.

Garnier Pure Active BB Cream 

I have reviewed this product before and I will do it again because it is honestly the best thing since the eyebrow pencil. I cannot rave about it enough. It transforms your skin from dull to luminous within seconds, provides excellent yet light coverage and stays on all day, all while reducing imperfections. If you buy anything from my ranting list of beauty products, buy this!

If you are feeling super time poor and can’t get to the shops, find out where to shop for your beauty products online here


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