Enough of online clothes shopping, it’s time to address one the harder areas of online shopping – beauty products! With new scrubs, lotions and oils popping up all over Instagram it’s really difficult to decide whether you should try something by merely viewing the packaging online. So I have tried, tested and researched to give you the top 5 best products and online shops to fulfil all of your beauty needs.



HA! Bet you weren’t expecting that.

But seriously it actually is all that it cracks up to be. I am a serial scrub buyer, I have tried many-a-scrub and Frank is the best that I have used so far. A while back I purchased another coffee scrub from a different online store because I was trying to go against the norm, and unfortunately it just wasn’t as great. That’s what happens when you try to be different.

I bought the original Frank scrub and I my skin loves it. Some of the benefits are:

  1. My skin is constantly smooth and I have only used it twice in the past two weeks.
  2. My skin is glowing (if I do say so myself)
  3. My fake tan has lasted a lot longer.
  4. My dry areas aren’t as dry (elbows, knees etc).
  5. I look more toned. This could be the fake tan, but I think the exfoliating may also have something to do with it.


Buying beauty products online can be weird. Sometimes when I try to buy from a new site I just imagine those stalls in those Thai shopping centres that are selling M.A.C makeup and I give up. You just don’t know you can trust. Except Strawberry Net, you can trust Strawberry Net. I have bought from them many times before and have always been pleased, especially with the discounts they offer! However, if you are buying makeup it is probably always good to know your colour first.



There are a few factors as to why I have added The Base to this list, so you can rest assured it’s not just my love for Lara Bingle and the slight bias that I have towards everything she does. Firstly, she filled a gap in the market. There is a lot that goes into fake-tanning, and Lara has conveniently supplied everything we need to achieve and sustain the perfect tan. If you can’t go past your professional spray tans, then I would recommend trying the body glow oil to maintain and enhance your tan.

Adding to this, The Base really does rely heavily on social media and the Internet to market the product, and the website offers step-by-step tutorials and advice as to how to use the products which is always incredibly helpful for when your stuck.




These cruelty-free, handcrafted body products are really one of a kind. Dubbed “Australia’s Non-Edible Vegan Bakery”, Oh Deer Sugar creates delectable body-scrubs, soaps and face-masks based on our favourite treats. Think Lamington bath melts, strawberry mountain bath bombs and bubble bar macaroons.


Similar to Strawberry Net, this US site offers cosmetics that you can’t always find here plus incredible prices. Adding to that, it’s free shipping to Australia over $33…which you would definitely spend anyway, and constantly offers incredible deals and prices.

Have a lovely day and let me know if you have any other online stores that you love to buy products from – I will check them out!


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