Compiling this look made me think about the other advantages of the Internet, besides online shopping. For me it is the endless amount of inspiration that is now available at our fingertips. The introduction of Instagram, Pinterest and blogging has shed light on creative talent across the globe, and has enabled us to discover women like Patricia Manfield (who happens to be just as beautiful as she is creative and talented, ah life).

Patricia is the co-founder of the blog, The Atelier, alongside her boyfriend Giotto and you can view the blog here. However, she also happen to be musically talented and I would highly recommend you check out her Youtube channel.

Here I have suggested a few pieces that I would believe are essentials in Manfield’s wardrobe, all of which are available online. When I think of her wardrobe, I can imagine that she has a lot of classic items that she uses when wearing a trending piece, which is why she always looks so incredibly effortless!


Men's Fashionweek Milan 2015, day 4, Gilda Ambrosio, Patricia Manfield, hat, black and white

tumblr_nb22rxg9WH1qjjo6co1_500tumblr_na6ev7c51v1qjoqy7o1_500tumblr_n120ejAFhr1rk1uloo1_500tumblr_n68fje7I491rp1omko1_500tumblr_n9bdq22jpS1r7r778o1_500manfieldtumblr_n7oq0802io1rl727go1_500tumblr_mvk66pL7KI1ra7dk6o1_500manfield 2

tumblr_ndv9x8MJzw1qfayo3o1_500 denim manfield accessories manfield Jackets shirts manfield copy shoes manfield


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