Necklaces: Sabo Skirt, Sportsgirl // Jacket: Vintage // Blouse: Mango // Jeans: ASOS // Shoes: Converse 

While most of my friends embarked on a trip overseas this weekend I went away to Byron, and the beach house we stayed at had the cutest backyard filled with really retro old school things, so I decided to take some pictures of some of my recent online finds there! After buying my black pair of ASOS skinny black jeans I was hooked, and decided to replace my white Zara jeans with these ASOS high waisted gems which you can find here for just $59. What is great about buying jeans from the ASOS brand is the exact measurements they provide. Generally in-store I have such a difficult time finding jeans that will fit my body shape, but they provide sizes for varied measurements which fit perfectly. Next up is this stripy blouse, which is just Mango and was bought from The Iconic here. I have been looking for a staple blue and white button up for quite a while, and surprisingly couldn’t find anything in shops until I came across this one. While Mango is stocked in David Jones in Australia, the plus of buying it online from The Iconic is the sneaky discount supplied for uni students from UNIDAYS. Ah, the benefits of online shopping! Lastly, I have layered both gold and silver necklaces which isn’t something I usually do because I have OCD when it comes to jewellery. Usually I am a sole silver wearer, but I couldn’t go past this gold disk necklace for just $8 from Sabo Skirt which you can buy here. While it is only small and simple, it is suprising the difference that simple jewellery like this necklace can make to an outfit. _MG_1031_MG_0949 _MG_1018 _MG_1053 _MG_1040 _MG_1024 _MG_0954_MG_0950 _MG_1028


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