I have been waiting for this moment for so long, I really have. I knew it was coming and now I am just waiting for this ridiculous Queensland heat to go down so I can start wearing theperfect flared jean!! I know that some of you dreaded it’s return, but there is really is no need to be so fearful. Flared jeans are actually flattering, unlike many of the tight or straight leg jeans you currently have on rotation.

Okay, so maybe the bell bottoms aren’t for everyone (except Brooke Testoni wowww can she pull them off, see my second picture) but some flared jeans certainly don’t go astray. I am primarily referring to something similar to both of the ASOS jeans I have provided below. This fit can actually make you look slimmer and taller, keeping in mind you choose a fitted pair at the top that subtly falls into a flare (see picture 1 and 3 for further inspo).

As mentioned, I have attached some inspiration for you and also a few places you can buy a pair, online and instore. I personally would like the Chloe jeans Victoria Beckham is wearing but that definitely won’t be happening anytime soon.Flared Fit 3da656c7ca3463af45c788e82ab5d8ba BROOKE-TESTONI-34 ??????????? victoria_beckham_paris_220413 Sincerely-Jules


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