Online shopping provides the benefit of shopping comfortably from your home, workplace, or uni, with some stores offering same-day delivery, which is perfect for busy stay at home mums, working women and uni students.

As an expansion to Kloth and Kohl I am now introducing personal online shopping. Being surrounded by women of all ages, I have noticed that many are apprehensive about shopping online for various reasons, or there are others that want to but just don’t know how.

My first client, Kim, is much like these women. She is super busy and was in need of some new versatile items to suit her working life in her cafe and that would also be suitable to wear for evening drinks or dinner. So after channelling Kim’s personal style I found some items for her online, all of which she loves and constantly wears. Here are a few pictures!

Kim Boho

Kim Playsuit 2

Kim Playsuit

Kim Black Dress

To begin with, I will be offering personal online styling as well as an online shopping guide, whereby I can help you and give you tips about how to shop online and where to look depending on your personal style, time frame and budget.

I will help you with sizing guidelines, shipping, choosing websites, and any other queries that you have to make online shopping a whole lot easier.

If you are interested in finding pieces online, or just want to learn how to shop online, please email me at


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