Sundays in my Happy Socks

Being someone that used to work 7 days a week, I finally know how important the weekend actually is – particularly Sunday. The last day of the weekend is strictly set aside for ‘me’ time, so in other words lots of eating, tea drinking and Netflix, and anything else I need to catch up on.  This […]

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The Capsule Closet

Curating the perfect wardrobe can be a tricky task. From work looks to outfits for the weekend, it can be difficult to stock up on varying pieces that you can wear weekly, let alone all-year round. For me, I generally try and find pieces that are basic, but with a point of difference. Whether it’s […]

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The Wardrobe Dilemma

I’m not usually one to be organised when planning outfits, and I generally always leave it to the last minute. You will find me searching online next day delivery and express shipping frantically, and I can almost always pull through with something! This time, I wasn’t so lucky. I had 2 days until my pending wardrobe dilemma would end in […]

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When wearing a bikini outside isn’t socially acceptable, you know it’s time to become a little bit creative in the heat – which is exactly what I like to do throughout the start of year when the weather is nothing short of sweltering. On Saturday I attempted to go to the markets, and I wore […]

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Weekends are always best spent by the beach, however this has been slightly difficult considering the bikini dilemma that was plaguing my potential Summer trips to the coast. That is until I found the perfect pair from Kenni and Kai, which have swiftly rescued the major bikini drought I was suffering. The past Sunday was nothing […]

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Getting Ready with Aura

Aura cosmetics is the kind of makeup that you want to buy over and over again. I recently came across the small Sunshine Coast based cosmetic brand, and I can safely say I will be going back for more.  Aura cosmetics is the kind of makeup you feel good about buying. It’s 100% vegan and cruelty […]

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Drugstore Foundations and Cover Up’s

I always like to compile a few of my favourite products that I feel like have actually worked and share them here, take a little break from online clothes shopping for a moment! Unless I absolutely can’t get my beauty products in a drug store, then I will buy them from somewhere more high end. […]

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NYC: Part 2

Here is the second part of my stay in NYC through pictures! I am completely obsessed with the city and I can’t wait to go back and finish what I started, as I didn’t get to go to or see half the things I wanted to see, despite spending six days there. However, I still have […]

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